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Football Practice Equipment Every Coach Needs

Perhaps you're new to coaching football and want to start with all the right training equipment. Or, you've been with the team for years, and your equipment is beginning to show its age. Either way, making sure you have the best football coaching supplies for your team is an integral part of your job. We're here to help by showing you the crucial football practice equipment your team needs.

To properly develop your players' talents and ensure their safety, it's critical to choose the best football training equipment. List everything you need before the season starts so you have a plan. After all, you have the health and well-being of young players to consider. Our football coaching equipment has a solid reputation for high quality and outstanding performance. We have everything you need to get your team in shape, so they're healthy and conditioned for game day, whether they toss, kick, tackle or block.

What's on Your Football Training Equipment List?

From your quarterback to your punter, your offense to your defense, everything on this football training equipment list will help your team members excel.

Speed & Agility Equipment

Offensive line training equipment begins with tools that improve the speed, stamina, strength and acceleration of young athletes. Opt for a speed sled, ideal for building strength in the legs, back core, shoulders and arms. A speed chute focuses on hips and legs, providing a combination of resistance and interval training.

Typically, speed and agility training equipment also includes step-over training dummies, a hurdle set and a running ropes agility trainer. You may opt for convenience by choosing a Sports Speed and Agility Kit, which offers a combination of training equipment to strengthen and condition your entire football team. Our kit includes several tools that serve as a silent coach during your drills: harnesses, cone collection, leg toning tube, chute, reaction ball and speed ladders.

Kicking Cage

A must-have for special teams, a durable kicking cage is meant to take punishment and provide solid practice opportunities for kickers and punters. It's essential football practice equipment for honing players' kicks.

Football Tackle Wheel

Player-on-player contact drills can be risky, causing head or bodily injuries during practices. Using a football tackle wheel alleviates this risk by mimicking an opponent's contours, size, movement and resistance. Tackle wheels allow players to safely practice tackling skills at the same rate of speed used in a game, with optimal intensity and force. Tackle rings, which are also dynamite tools for instructing players on correct pursuit angles, have grown in popularity recently with football coaches and their staff.

Football Lineman Chute

Defensive line equipment typically includes a chute. With its durable construction and double head guard to keep players' heads in the proper position, a defensive lineman chute is ideal for basic drills like drive blocking. The chute guides the linemen to properly break out of their stance and keep their heads down, enabling them to keep their balance, stay low to the ground and explode across the line of scrimmage.

Football Training Dummies

Practice dummies are used for developing a wide range of skills without risk of injury. A good blocking dummy will teach a player solid footwork and proper hand placement, showing them how to hit an opponent with force and speed. Forearm pads instruct players on the right way to block and step. There are several kinds of football training dummies, including:

  • Stand-up Dummy, crafted of heavy-weight durable vinyl
  • Curved Blocking Shield/Arm Dummy, with reinforced vinyl cover
  • Half-Round Dummy, a pad used in both step-over and blocking drills
  • Step-Over Training Dummy, featuring a trapezoid shape that enables steady placement
  • Forearm Pads, part of the receiver training equipment arsenal, with reinforced vinyl covers contoured to protect forearms and elbows.

Plyometric Boxes

A valuable addition to any football training equipment list, plyometric boxes condition players' leg muscles as they engage in depth jumps. These boxes are an essential component of running back training equipment, improving your team's ability to react and increase their power. This reactive power is critical in football, where sudden changes in direction and side-to-side shifts are a fundamental part of the game. Our plyometric boxes sport heavy-duty steel frames and non-slip synthetic tops over laminated wood.

Football Passing Net

The essential quarterback tool, a football passing net is a great way to keep the arm warmed up on the sidelines or before the game. Ours is constructed with a durable steel frame and a catch net that adjusts to seven different positions. The turf tires make for easy movement on any surface, and the red center gives your quarterback an easy target for the ball.

Spotlight on Youth Football

There's been a lot of talk in the news the past few years about youth sports and the number of devastating injuries that have had lifelong effects. At Trigon Sports, we've dedicated our efforts to producing football practice equipment that's high quality and conditions team players in the safest possible way.

Get Your Football Practice Equipment Now at Trigon Sports

If you're new to coaching football or a seasoned veteran and you'd like to consult with us on the best solutions for your training needs, please give us a call. We pride ourselves on our customer service as well as our line of quality football practice equipment.

Ready to browse? You'll find all the football equipment you need and more right here at Trigon Sports.