Lacrosse Equipment

The Best Lacrosse Training Equipment for Your Team

Practice like a pro with lacrosse training equipment from Trigon Sports. Our selection of adult and youth lacrosse equipment helps players and coaches with training drills and game preparation. Available equipment for lacrosse includes field maintenance and preparation tools such as field lining kits, water removal equipment, windscreens, team benches and more. Pick up a lacrosse rebounder wall to practice shots on goal and your ability to receive passes.

Boy's and Girl's Lacrosse Equipment for All Ages

When it comes to lacrosse training equipment, the tools available from Trigon Sports are good for all ages and genders. Our inventory of women's and men's lacrosse equipment includes our line of ProCage™ lacrosse training equipment that helps players practice shots on goal without requiring someone else to step in as the netminder. For boy's or girl's lacrosse equipment, there's no better place to shop than Trigon Sports.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lacrosse Sports Equipment

Just like the players and coaches that use our lacrosse sports equipment every day, we are always striving to improve our selection and customer service. If you have a question regarding our lacrosse training equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.

How Do You Clean Lacrosse Equipment?

Most of your lacrosse equipment can be cleaned using a garden hose and high-pressure nozzle. For goals and other equipment, remove nylon nets and spray with a hose to clean. If you do not wish to use a hose, then a sponge of warm water and mild detergent will also work.

What Equipment Is Needed to Play Lacrosse?

At a minimum, each team needs a goal set up at opposite ends of the pitch. Players each need a lacrosse stick, and a lacrosse ball is required for passing and shooting. Other lacrosse equipment, such as pads, helmets, face masks and guards, is strongly encouraged.

Where Can I Buy Your Lacrosse Equipment?

Our lacrosse equipment is available online at the Trigon Sports website. If you can not wait for delivery, use our Dealer Locator tool to find a distributor of our lacrosse equipment near you.

Buy Lacrosse Equipment Sets Online at Trigon Sports

Why get one when you can buy two at twice the price? Our lacrosse equipment sets give you even more of the same great gear to play with. Available lacrosse training equipment includes field lining tools and layout kits that combine everything you need into one package. Along with our lacrosse goals and nets, you can find team benches and lacrosse bleachers to provide your teams and spectators with somewhere to sit at all times. Buy all of your equipment for lacrosse at Trigon Sports today.

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