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Football Training Equipment For Quarterbacks

The modern quarterback looks much different than the field general of ten years ago. As football continues to evolve, its most important position is at the forefront of that evolution. Likewise, football training equipment for quarterbacks is constantly changing to suit the needs of today's modern athlete. By placing more emphasis on athleticism and mobility, modern quarterback practice equipment is built to enhance those areas of a passer's game. It's not enough to be a strong-armed pocket passer in the modern era; the new position requires agility and the ability to make off-platform throws in order to succeed. Read on to learn about some of the top quarterback training tools your team needs to stay on top.

Four Best Quarterback Training Tools

The best quarterback training tools are the ones that emphasize footwork, accuracy, and mobility inside and outside the pocket. Here is some of the best quarterback gear and football practice equipment to get your training to the next level:

What's on Your Football Training Equipment List?

From your quarterback to your punter, your offense to your defense, everything on this football training equipment list will help your team members excel.

1. Quarterback Practice Nets

The tried and true staple on this list, the football passing net is an accuracy tool that can be placed around the field to work on individual throwing drills. Whether you need to practice throwing out routes to the sideline or slants over the middle, our quarterback training nets can be oriented for multiple catch positions so you can practice every type of throw from anywhere on the field.

2. Pro Agility Ladder

Football training equipment for quarterbacks has placed a greater emphasis on footwork in the past decade. "Happy feet" has been the death knell of many quarterbacks over the years. Proper footwork is a vital necessity to your overall throwing motion, allowing for:

  • Better hip rotation
  • Squaring of the shoulders
  • Explosiveness through your kinetic chain

Agility ladders are used in tandem with other quarterback training tools to work on balancing, pivoting and movement inside the pocket.

3. Plyometric Boxes

Developing core strength is vital for today's modern game. Plyometrics (also known as jump training) are exercises designed for your muscles to exert as much force as possible in short intervals; very similar to the rhythms of a football game. Using plyometrics as a quarterback training tool can help develop core strength as a full-body exercise, toning muscles and strengthening connective tissue to increase elasticity.

4. Speed And Agility Kit

No set of quarterback practice equipment is complete without speed and agility equipment. Incorporating many of the classic tools of football training equipment for quarterbacks, this kit comes complete with a speed chute, step hurdles, saucer cones, harness, reaction ball and speed ladders. It's an all-in-one quarterback training tool to help you work on footwork and build core strength. Saucer cones help you set up virtual pockets to move and shift within while the step hurdles create short obstacles to practice stepping up and around defensive players.

The Importance Of Quarterback Practice Equipment

Every year, the competition gets a little bit bigger, a little bit faster and a little bit stronger. Using the proper quarterback gear can keep you one step ahead of your opponents. The right quarterback equipment can be the difference between a starting role and a backup spot. Keep your body sharp with proper drills and training using quarterback football equipment purpose-built to send you shooting up draft boards.

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