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Guide to Choosing Outdoor Batting Cages

Outdoor batting cages are vital pieces of practice equipment for amateurs, varsity players and professional athletes alike. The demand for batting cages has continued to rise over the past few years because they're so vital to baseball players across America.

Whether inside or outside, batting cages are used for both hitting and pitching practice. In order to get the most out of your setup, you need the proper outdoor batting cage installation and accessories. From cost to climate and more, this guide covers the most important points to consider when you are looking to buy an outdoor batting cage.

Why Choose an Outdoor Batting Cage?

For varsity and collegiate athletics, youth programs and baseball academies, outdoor batting cages provide invaluable instructional space to work with athletes on a variety of mechanics and techniques. While indoor facilities have become popular choices for some programs, such buildings can be expensive. Outdoor batting cages offer affordable alternatives to the building and operating costs presented by indoor facilities, expanding and enhancing your current baseball field and practice area. Additionally, they help you set up designated practice areas where a traditional baseball diamond just won't fit. Turn your backyard into a hitter's paradise without bothering the neighbors or risking potential damage to your house.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Batting Cage

There are a number of different things that will help you decide on an outside batting cage that is appropriate for you and your team. It is important to keep in mind that your needs may change over the lifetime of your outdoor batting cage, and you should take those factors into consideration as well.

1. Batting Cage Installation

A big factor in choosing your outdoor batting cage is installation. This will depend a lot on location and the style of outside batting cage you want. ProCage™ batting tunnel frame kits are modular, allowing you to set up different outdoor batting cage lengths to match the amount of space you have available. Batting cage net sizes can vary, depending on if you are practicing baseball or softball, and come with different advantages and disadvantages.

2. Region and Climate

Rain delays can impact everything from batting practice to playoff games. When it comes to your outdoor batting cage, seasonal changes such as heavy rain, wind and snow can cause you to suspend practice and may necessitate bringing equipment indoors. ProCage™ batting tunnel nets are 100% waterproof and provide durability in many different kinds of weather conditions.

3. Batting Cage Setup

Some outdoor batting cage options are more modular and customizable than others. While tunnels can be used for either pitching or hitting practice, with the right batting cage setup, they can also be separated by a dividing net to create multiple hitting stations. In contrast, the ProCage™ portable batting cage is not enclosed but provides a movable backstop so you can set up in many different locations.

4. Batting Cage Cost

You are making an investment in the future of your athletes when you purchase an outdoor batting cage. Cost will always be a major consideration for programs and academies when deciding what equipment to buy. The best outdoor batting cage will provide superior value to you and your players through durability, consistent performance, longevity, flexibility and customization. Your program will evolve and adapt over time; having an outside batting cage that can adapt with you will keep you from spending more money in the future.

5. Accessories

No list regarding outdoor batting cages would be complete without discussing the availability of compatible softball or baseball practice equipment. With batting cage nets built for the ProCage™ series, you can find the right width and thickness for you to match your needs. Additional equipment like pitching screens and batting tees — as well as batting cage flooring such as pitching mounds and turf mats — will amplify your outdoor batting cage practice experience.

Buy Outdoor Batting Cages and More From Trigon Sports

Trigon Sports has been supplying programs across the country with baseball and softball equipment that helps them improve their play. With ProCage™ outdoor batting cages, we supply professional-grade equipment to schools, academies and individuals seeking to take their game to the next level. If you are looking to set up your own academy or want to expand your program, contact us to request a quote on outdoor batting cages and baseball/softball practice equipment today.