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November 16, 2022 at 4:56:30 AM PST November 16, 2022 at 4:56:30 AM PSTth, November 16, 2022 at 4:56:30 AM PST

5 Benefits of Using a Gym Floor Covering to Protect Your Gymnasium Floor

Interest in gym floor protective coverings has grown over the years as more schools look for ways to protect their hardwood floors. A gym floor covering system can ensure longevity for your gymnasium floor and provide unique aesthetic opportunities for special events. In this article, we'll discuss who uses gym floor covers and how they use them. We'll also list the top five benefits of implementing gymnasium floor protection in your facility.

Who Uses Gym Floor Protective Coverings?

For most schools, universities and academies, a basketball gymnasium floor covering can protect an expensive hardwood floor from high-traffic events and other occasions. Schools in particular see the most benefit of gym floor coverings as basketball courts tend to serve as multipurpose arenas for student gatherings, such as assemblies, talent shows and dances. While universities tend to have dedicated basketball arenas that are only used during game days and related activities, basketball and volleyball gym floor covers can still be used to prevent scuffs, scratches and wear on freshly laminated parquet. Here's a rundown of some events where gym floor protection would be useful.


Mass gatherings of hundreds of students are a great time to use gym floor coverings. This will prevent students and faculty from damaging the hardwood floor and keep it looking shiny for the future.

Morning Arrivals/Afternoon Departures

For a lot of students, passing through the gym is the fastest way to get to their classes in the morning and to get to the bus in the afternoon. Using basketball and volleyball gym floor covers in high-traffic areas can decrease wear and tear on the underlying floor.


Events such as Honor Roll presentations, graduations and the like can involve heavy chairs that will damage your wooden floors. With proper gym floor protection, you can ensure that your hardwoods are kept safe. Additionally, different colors of gym floor coverings can provide unique looks to your ceremony and offer a vibrant option for temporary floor design.

Dances and Recitals

While your students cut a rug, the last thing you want is for them to scrape your gym floor. Protective covering prevents anyone from damaging the expensive laminate while they work up the courage to ask their crush for a first dance.

The 5 Benefits of Using a Gym Floor Covering System

Now that we've gone over some of the reasons to use basketball and volleyball gym floor covers, let's talk about the benefits of using a gym floor covering system over other options.

1. Allows for Easy Use and Storage

Because of the unique roller system and storage rack, your gym floor covers can be extended across the floor quickly and easily. The rack will unfurl the gym floor protective covering as you walk to the other side of the area. Tape each strip of gymnasium floor cover together for added protection and to prevent wind or air from pulling the covers up. Unlike alternatives such as rugs or heavy mats — which are prone to retaining dirt and grit — the gym floor covering can be rolled back up and stored in an adjacent closet with ease.

2. Reduces Wear on Your Hardwood

While we mentioned it above, it is important to reiterate that a gym floor protective covering on your hardwood court protects it from scuffing and scratches caused by dirt, grit, sand and other materials that can be dragged in from outside. It also keeps your basketball court clean and doesn't ruin the finish before it can be used in a game.

3. Keeps Gym Floors Looking Good

Your facility and its appearance are important for a lot of reasons. Some of them are as simple as pride in your school or university. It also fosters an image of quality for visiting students and potential enrollees. Gym floor covers keep things looking pristine.

4. Protects From Outside Elements

Perhaps the most important thing a gym floor covering can do is protect against the outside elements that people bring indoors. The most damaging climate for a gym floor is wet, rainy atmospheres with high accumulations of snow and rain. Water can severely damage your basketball court and result in increased maintenance costs.

5. Lowers Maintenance and Upkeep Costs

Schools and universities are always looking at ways to reduce costs. Using a gym floor covering system is one of the easiest ways to lower maintenance overheads. The small amount you pay for your gym floor covers is minuscule when compared to the amount you would spend on constantly waxing and resurfacing your hardwood court. The cost savings alone are significant over the lifetime of your basketball court and they can even help to extend the life of your parquet even further than you thought possible.

Buy a Gym Floor Protection System From Trigon Sports

Keep your facility protected regardless of square footage. With a comprehensive gym floor covering system, protecting your hardwood courts and athletic flooring from unwanted damage is easier than ever. Get gym floor covers in a variety of colors to match your school or select neutral tones that won't show dirt as easily. Order your gymnasium floor protection online from Trigon Sports today.

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