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Sports Bleachers Buying Guide

One of the potential headaches of buying equipment for your athletics program comes down to deciding on sports bleachers to outfit your practice fields, gyms, stadiums and ballparks. Bleacher seats have to handle many roles and operating conditions while keeping within your school, league or recreation department's budget.

Here at Trigon Sports, we specialize in providing schools, academies and dedicated training facilities with stadium seats. For bleachers, benches and other athletic equipment, you need to pick the right ones to enhance the experience of both the players and spectators. We have put together this buying guide on the best sports bleachers to help make your decision a little bit easier. Read on to learn more about bleacher seats and what to consider when making your next purchase.

Common Types of Bleachers For Sale

From baseball and softball bleachers to volleyball bleachers and everything in between, organizations need to know the most common types of bleachers for sale so they can make the best decision for them. Here's a rundown of the most popular sports bleachers you will find today.

3-Row Bleachers

The most basic of sports bleachers around, 3-row bleachers are commonly seen on the side of practice fields and in big athletic complexes. Available in various lengths, 3-row bleachers are great economical choices for parks and other places like practice fields, training complexes and youth sports.

Portable Bleachers

Sometimes called indoor tip and roll bleachers, portable bleachers are highly configurable and come in 2, 3 and 4-row designs. For organizations with a limited budget who use gymnasiums as multipurpose arenas, portable bleachers are a great way to maximize your available space and redesign it for game day.

5-Row Bleachers

As mid-sized equipment, 5-row bleachers create a significant amount of seating with a relatively small footprint. With options for aluminum bleachers ranging from fifteen to twenty-seven feet, 5-row bleachers are an ideal compromise between cost and seating capacity.

Aluminum Bleachers

The tried and true classic of sports programs around the country, aluminum bleachers are desirable due to their durability and weather resistance. Portable aluminum bleachers are easier to move than wood and iron varieties while providing the same excellent fan experience. Regarding the outdoors, aluminum bleachers are second to none because they do not rust.

Low-Rise Bleachers

Low-rise aluminum bleachers are even more compact than their standard counterparts. With a lower starting seat height and reduced rise between levels, low-rise aluminum bleachers are great at keeping a low profile and are adequately suited for seating younger athletes, students and children.

10-Row Bleachers

Now we're talking big-time outdoor and indoor aluminum bleachers. 10-row bleachers are one of the easiest ways to create a lot of seating where none used to exist. Along with Supreme aluminum bleachers, 10-row aluminum stadium bleachers are semi-permanent fixtures along the sidelines of many high school athletics fields (and some college fields). With optional seating length to increase capacity, you can create seating for a hundred people with aluminum sports bleachers like these.

4 Things to Consider When Buying Your Sports Bleachers

At Trigon Sports, we feel there are four primary considerations when you are looking to buy sports bleachers for your athletics program. Each one will help you determine the size, style and overall design of the sports bleachers you choose.

1. Capacity

The number of people you expect to attend your events is a primary concern. Providing aluminum sports bleachers for 25 people when your game day capacity can be as much as two hundred would leave a lot of spectators unhappy. Seating capacity is one of the first things to consider when deciding which sports bleachers to buy.

2. Portability

How flexible does your seating arrangement need to be? Do you need to use the same portable bleachers for indoor and outdoor activities? Portable sports bleachers can make your job easier with additional equipment, such as wheels that make transporting them from one place to another relatively easy.

3. Materials

The materials used to build your sports bleachers must meet specific criteria. You need your bleacher seats to be durable enough to last, light enough to be portable (if needed) and strong enough to support the load of an entire crowd of people. For outdoor bleachers, you also need them to be highly resistant to the effects of weather and changing seasons.

Add up all of these requirements, and the advantages of aluminum bleacher seats become clear. Aluminum is a lighter metal that is durable and weather-resistant while providing high load capacity. There's a reason it has become the most-used material for sports bleachers.

4. Cost

When browsing the aluminum bleachers for sale, you need to know how much they cost. Fitting your bleacher seats into your budget is always a compromise between maximizing seating capacity and the overall cost of the equipment and installation. Again, aluminum bleachers provide an economical solution since they are easy to manufacture and do not require complex tooling.

Buy Aluminum Sports Bleachers Online at Trigon Sports

Find outdoor and indoor bleachers for sale at Trigon Sports now. Our football bleachers can fit various configurations, capacities and situations so you will always have the required seating. For basketball bleachers, our portable stadium seats make it easy to set up on game day and tear down to keep the gym open the rest of the week. You can also find soccer bleachers on our website that are ideal for indoor and outdoor complexes. Get the best aluminum sports bleachers when you buy online from Trigon Sports.

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