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Best Baseball Workouts To Do At Home

If you're like us, lately you have been wondering about which baseball workouts to do at home. If you want to learn how to practice baseball by yourself, then read our guide on a few of our favorite individual baseball drills that you can do at home.

Remember to Stretch Before Doing Baseball Drills

Before we get to the list, we want to remind you to stretch before you begin any baseball exercises (or any exercise for that matter). Stretching your muscles helps prevent injury and keeps you flexible for all of your baseball drills at home. Stretching should be the first and last thing you do whenever you train. When performing baseball workouts at home, it is important to have a safe area in which to train. If you are working indoors, move any fragile appliances or electronics out of the room before you begin your baseball drills.

Now that we're all stretched out, here's our list of the best baseball workouts to do at home.

1. Tossing/Fielding Drills

There are two ways to effectively perform these baseball drills. The first is to use a rubber ball roughly the size of a baseball that you can throw against a concrete or cement wall. Baseball exercises like this work to improve your hand-eye coordination, throwing and catching skills. The second way is to use a training tool like the multi-sport pitchback rebounder. This will allow you to set up in your yard or basement and play catch by yourself. You can also use the rebounder to practice your pitching or utilize its adjustable angle for fielding drills.

2. Floor Toss

Have limited space? Try simple, low-impact individual baseball drills. Lie on your back in a room preferably with a high ceiling. Throw the ball as high as you can (without hitting the ceiling) and then catch it with your non-throwing hand. Easy baseball drills like this one will help you work on throwing accuracy and catching. Focus on aiming for the same spot on the ceiling each time to practice repetition and spin on your throws.

3. Agility Drills

Cones, hurdles or a speed ladder can help you perform several baseball exercises that will enhance your lateral agility and footwork.

Players commonly use shuttle drills to practice moving from side to side for fielding and pivot throws. Here's how to do it:

  • Stand between two cones set up approximately 20 feet apart.
  • Shuffle your feet back and forth to move laterally toward one cone.
  • When you reach a cone, pretend you are fielding a groundball.
  • Shuffle to the other cone and repeat.
  • Once you are comfortable you can increase the distance between the cones. Likewise, if you are finding this baseball exercise to be too difficult, you can shorten the distance and work your way back up.

4. Pitch Framing For Catchers

Proper pitch framing can make the difference between a strikeout and a walk. To practice framing, all you'll need for this baseball exercise is a ball and a plate.

  • Squat into your catching position and hold the ball in front of you.
  • Let go of the ball and then catch it again as it drops.
  • Move your hand so that it aligns with the edge of the plate.
  • Performing this baseball drill will help with your touch on catching balls as well as framing the catch to sway the umpire to call more strikes.

5. Swing Drills

With a hitting tee and a net, you can easily work on swing drills that will help your timing, coordination and working inside or outside in your stance. Some tips on how to incorporate swing drills into your baseball workouts at home:

  • Raise and lower the height of the tee to work on a specific area of the zone, then move the tee inside or outside compared to your stance to focus on inside or outside pitches.
  • Practice loading your hands and your hip rotation as you work the bat through the swing plane.
  • For inside pitching, focus on getting your hands through and putting the barrel on the ball.
  • On outside pitches, it is important to extend without bailing or reaching. Hit a few practice balls into the net, readjust, and continue.
  • These individual baseball drills will help you cover all areas of the hitting zone.

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