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Lacrosse Training Equipment Your Players Need to Improve Their Game

Every athlete knows that having the right equipment for training is critical. Lacrosse training equipment is designed to hone that athlete's abilities and prepare them for optimal performance. If you need to improve your stick skills, limit wasted time chasing loose balls or increase your focus on shooting, the right lacrosse field equipment is essential.

In this article, we'll examine several types of lacrosse practice equipment and the benefits of each so that you can become the best lacrosse coach or player you can. With quality lacrosse equipment, you'll be able to match the needs for improvement to the training tools available.

The Bounce Back (Rebounder) for Lacrosse Training 

One of the best pieces of lacrosse training equipment you can buy is a bounce back, aka a rebounder. Used to improve passing, catching and shooting, a bounce back increases agility and hand-eye coordination. Here are a few exercises to get you started:


  • Set your lacrosse bounce back 5 to 10 feet away and at an angle to your goal.
  • Pass the ball off the bounce back.
  • Catch the ball and take a few quick steps.
  • Shoot the ball into the goal.
  • Now, move the bounce back to a distance of 10-15 yards away and set it perpendicular to you.
  • Pass the ball into the rebounder as straight as you can.
  • Catch the rebound.
  • Take a crow hop and shoot into the goal.

These lacrosse training exercises are meant to be done quickly and repeatedly until the moves are muscle memory. A boy's or girl's lacrosse rebounder is a great way to practice your ability to maneuver quickly in tight spaces as well as catch and shoot using your lacrosse stick. The more you practice this lacrosse training, the better your overall game.

The Backstop Net 

Tired of chasing training balls for each errant shot? The backstop net is an excellent piece of lacrosse practice equipment saving you time and frustration. These free-standing backstops are a must-have for the lacrosse player practicing alone or with a team. It may not seem like a critical piece of lacrosse training equipment, but if all your energy is spent chasing balls, your practice time will suffer.

Since you can easily set them up anywhere on the field, you'll be glad you bought one or two. 

The Lacrosse Goal Target, aka Your 11th Man

Lacrosse training tools are designed to help simulate real game action. So far, you've learned to pass, catch and avoid wasting time chasing stray balls. But you're missing something. Your goal sits empty, making your shots much easier than in a real game.


What other lacrosse training equipment do you need? Someone or something to stand in for the goalie. Let's face it, in a real men's or women's lacrosse game, a goalie would be trying to stop your shots. That's where a lacrosse goal target comes in. This handy shot blocker is a fantastic piece of lacrosse practice equipment to simulate how hard it truly is to score a lacrosse goal.


With 7 target zones, this lacrosse goalie training equipment will make you work for every goal you score. Easily attaching to a standard 6' x 6' practice goal, you'll have to put in some serious lacrosse training time to become proficient. And you'll want to get a practice net or all of these exercises are moot. Lacrosse goals are a vital part of any training regimen.

Lacrosse Training Equipment at the Ready

If you want to succeed at lacrosse, you need two things: internal motivation and proper lacrosse training equipment. The first, we can't help you with, but that second one? Yes, we have that! When you need top-quality performance from your lacrosse practice equipment, shop Trigon Sports today. We'd love to hear from you and show you how we can meet your sports equipment needs.