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The Benefits of Practicing With a Football Training Sled

Football training sleds are essential pieces of equipment for football coaches and players, offering a range of benefits to improve their skills and performance on the field. From building strength and endurance to promoting teamwork and cohesion, this article explores the various advantages of using football training sleds in practice.

What Is a Football Training Sled?

A football push sled — also known as a football practice sled, sled push, blocking sled, etc. — is one of the most iconic pieces of football training equipment. Still used to this day, football training sleds can trace their origins all the way back to the 1930s when organized professional football was in its infancy.

A blocking sled consists of a metal frame with pads that simulate the shape and weight of an opposing player or multiple players. Used by both offensive and defensive players, a football training sled provides a valuable opportunity for players to practice various techniques and take advantage of different exercises.

The blocking sled of today's game has a number of advantages and technological innovations that older versions severely lack. Along with adjustable pads, a modern football push sled comes with angled frames, better springs and adjustable weights. While older football training sleds were unwieldy and heavy — sometimes weighing as much as half a ton — modern sleds use different principles of resistance to reduce their weight and allow for more movement and easier storage when not in use.

Using Your Sled Push: Benefits For Your Players and Team

So you've got yourself a football training sled. Now what? In reality, there are dozens of different ways to use football pushing sleds. Let's run through some of the most popular activities, drills and training exercises you can have your team go through with a sled push.

1. Teach Proper Technique

One of the primary sled push workout benefits is that it allows coaches to teach players proper technique for blocking and tackling without the risk of injury. The sled is a safe and controlled environment for players to practice their skills, which can help them build confidence and improve their overall performance on the field.

For offensive players, the football push sled can be used to learn proper blocking technique, footwork and hand placement. Players can practice pushing the football sled forward while maintaining a low center of gravity and driving their feet into the ground.

Coaches can also use the sled to teach defensive linemen how to use their hands and leverage to get past offensive blockers. Football training sleds can be used to teach proper tackling technique, including form, footwork and body positioning. Coaches can use the sled to simulate a ball carrier and teach players how to wrap up and drive through the tackle.

2. Build Strength and Endurance

Using a football training sled helps players develop their physical strength and endurance. When they push the sled, they are using their muscles to generate force against the resistance of the sled. This resistance creates an intense workout that builds muscle and improves overall strength.

Anyone who has pushed a sled can attest to how much of a workout it is. Pushing a football training sled requires a significant amount of energy, and players must be able to sustain their effort over an extended period. This type of training can help players improve their cardiovascular fitness, which is critical for success on the football field.

3. Promote Teamwork and Line Cohesion

Pushing a football sled is not only a tool for building strength and endurance but also promotes teamwork and cohesion among offensive and defensive lines. The sled requires multiple players to work together as a unit, which is essential for overall team success.

When using a football training sled, players must communicate and coordinate their efforts to push the sled effectively. This communication is critical for players on the offensive line, who must work together to protect the quarterback and create space for running backs. Similarly, for defensive linemen, the sled can be used to teach players how to work together to get past offensive blockers and reach the quarterback or ball carrier.

Coaches can encourage their players to work together as a team and develop a sense of trust. This football training equipment can help players build relationships with their teammates.

4. Practice Formations and Plays

Offensive players can use the football push sled to practice running plays, pass protection and routes. The sled can be positioned in various locations to simulate different types of defensive formations, allowing players to work on different plays and scenarios.

Defensive players can use football push sleds in a similar fashion, practicing different formations and play calls. Defensive linemen can practice performing stunts and twists on pass rushing plays. Linebackers and defensive backs can use football pushing sleds for blitz practice and filling gaps in a run fit.

Overall, using a football training sled is an effective way to practice formations and plays. Coaches and players can work on specific aspects of their game and gain a better understanding of their role within the team.

Common Questions About Football Push Sleds

Now that we've gone over some of the sled push benefits that you can extract for your players, let's take a look at a few of the most common questions people have before purchasing their own football tackling equipment.

What Muscles Do Sled Pushes Work?

Football training sleds are full-body exercise machines that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously. The muscle groups that will see the greatest results include your upper body, core and leg muscles.

Do They Make Youth Football Blocking Sleds?

Most football pushing sleds can be used by both adults and children. To convert your traditional sled pushes into youth football blocking sleds, you can use smaller pads and less weight to more closely resemble smaller opponents.

How Do I Maximize My Team's Sled Push Workout Benefits?

Maximizing your sled push workout benefits comes with practice and repetition. When it comes to pushing a football sled, ensure that you are using appropriate equipment and following all safety guidelines.

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